Attention to detail

Specks of microfibres at rest on the blade of my rotary cutter.
Pins poised and ready to be deployed.
A notebook, full with the hope of well-organised notes and useful advice for my future self.
A zipper foot misplaced under a jumble of discarded fabric.
A cup of tea stationed a safe distance away.



  1. Emily (the other Emily!)
    23rd September 2017 / 2:30 am

    EMILY!!! I don’t know where to start!! You have always had the most interesting, individual, colourful, fun and flattering sense of style!! I am so so so happy you are sharing your talent for others to enjoy and find inspiration from!! I have only just found this incredible blog and I will definitely be one of your followers from now on, I am so so proud of you, you’ve got it girly!! I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful creations, all made with a huge amount of loVe I am certain of! Huge well done and big kiss xx

    • Emily@BelgianSeams
      24th September 2017 / 7:02 pm

      aaaw, thank you so much Emily for your lovely & sweet comment! It really made me smile so much to read it. I’ve also always loved your style too! 🙂 It sometimes feels weird putting up things I’ve made on the internet but nice comments like yours remind me that it is always good to share things we are passionate about! Hope all is really well with you my dear x x x x

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